Why Mornington beaches are the safest and most beautiful beaches for parents traveling to Melbourne with children

If you are looking for a child-friendly beach to visit in Australia, I highly recommend going to Mornington’s beaches!


  • The water on the Mornington Beaches is very calm and flat, as it is located on Port Phillip Bay side, so your kids can play happily without having to worry about being hit by waves. My kids have grown up in Japan, so they don’t have the awareness or education about beach safety, so it really helps to be able to relax in calm waters while still feeling like we are in paradise!

Here are some photos showing just how calm and crystal clear the water is! So beautiful!

Gorgeous day at the beach! How wonderful it would be to live every day like this! We currently live in Japan, so being able to go to the beach is such a wonderful experience for my kids! Compared to the city streets and trains in Tokyo, my kids are really loving the freedom to play in the water, make sand castles and find interesting rocks and pebbles to decorate the sand with. I wish every day was like this!!


If you are looking for a gorgeous crystal clear and calm beach to play with your kids in Australia, then I highly recommend the beaches on Mornington Peninsula bayside! This is us today – it was absolutely beautiful AND stress free as I didn’t have to worry about any big waves with the kids, which is a huge benefit as my kids grew up in Tokyo and are not used to the surf. As long as you remember the sunscreen, rashshirts and hats, then you can relax and enjoy!!

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