How to enjoy Cape Schanck Lighthouse with your baby and children

Mornington Peninsula Cape Schanck Lighthouse with kids

Do you want to enjoy Cape Schanck with your kids?

Maybe you are wondering if it is too far a drive? Or maybe you are worried if it is child-friendly?

Make sure you watch my video below!

We had a fantastic time seeing the lighthouse, the wild ocean, and running around on the field outside the museum. And we were there in winter! It would be even more awesome in summer!

Since we were there in winter, it was empty which was fantastic, so we could enjoy the whole place to ourselves. The sun still came out, blue skies, and my kids were oblivious to the wind and made the most of it running around and trying to make a parachute out of my scarf. The cafe and museum wasn’t open, but that was okay! We still enjoyed immensely.


  • Go there in the morning before it gets too crowded (followed by early lunch at Flinders Bakehouse)
  • Change diaper in your car! I couldn’t find a diaper change table, so I recommend to change baby’s nappy in the car or stroller 🙂
  • Try to book a tour inside the lighthouse (make sure you check the tour schedule. See the contact details below in the photo, which is the latest info as of August 2018). Note that children 3 years and over can enter the lighthouse (unfortunately babies and toddlers under 3 years cannot enter).
  • There are toilets in the carpark. As the lighthouse is located a few minutes walk from the carpark, I recommend to make sure your kids have already gone to the toilet before you walk to the lighthouse!


  • Name: Cape Schanck Lighthouse
  • Address: Cape Schanck Lighthouse, 420 Cape Schanck Road, Cape Schanck, Victoria, 3939
  • How to get there: Take the Mornington Peninsula Freeway (M11) to the end, then turn left onto Boneo Rd (C777), continue for about 15min, then turn right onto Cape Schanck Rd (you will see a tiny sign that says “Lighthouse”. Don’t miss it! I nearly missed the turnoff haha. Then continue along this road for another 5min until you reach the Lighthouse carpark. Park in the carpark and walk to the Lighthouse (you will pass through some amazing wind-swept little trees on your way!)
  • Tours: I recommend to contact the tour operator to book. I went there in winter, and there were just 2 tours held in August (see photo below). The tours are held more frequently in summer, but the numbers are limited so I recommend to book in advance!
  • Toilets: There are toilets in the carpark. Make sure you go to the toilet before you start walking to the Lighthouse, especially your kids! If your kids suddenly need to go to the toilet, you will need to run back to the carpark toilets.
  • Cafe: There is a kiosk in the carpark during summer months, but this wasn’t open in winter. So make sure you bring snacks with you!
  • Museum: The museum was closed when we were there in winter. Make sure you check the opening times if you visit during summer. I saw on one website that the museum opens at 10am, so I think if you visit in warmer months around late morning/lunchtime, then it should be open!
  • Diaper changing table: I couldn’t find a diaper change table, so you may need to change diapers in your car or in the stroller.
  • Stroller-friendly: Yes! It is very easy to use the stroller from the carpark to the lighthouse and museum. You can see the pathway in the video below! If you have a small umbrella stroller it may be a bit difficult, but if you have a larger stroller it will be fine. Having said that, if you wish to walk on the trails or down to the ocean, it would be difficult/impossible with a stroller so make sure you bring your baby carrier.
  • Google map link
  • Website with details


Cape Schanck Lighthouse with kids, Mornington Peninsula

Beautiful lighthouse! Even in winter it is possible to take amazing photos of the lighthouse. It was actually a rainy day, but the clouds disappeared and it was suddenly blue skies and sunny. Perfect for photos!


Cape Schanck Lighthouse tour schedule and tour contact, Mornington Peninsula

Cape Schanck Lighthouse tour schedule and tour contact (photo taken in August 2018)


Cape Schanck Lighthouse tour schedule August 2018

Closeup photo


Cape Schanck Lighthouse walking trails

Cape Schanck Lighthouse walking trails (note that you will not be able to use a stroller for these walking trails, so it is recommended to use a baby carrier!)


Cape Schanck lighthouse map - from Mornington

Cape Schanck lighthouse map – directions from Mornington


Cape Schanck map - don't miss this turnoff

Cape Schanck map – don’t miss this turnoff!!

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