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Flinders Bakehouse Cafe with kids books, outdoor terrace and awesome playground

Child-friendly Flinders Bakehouse cafe

Are you looking for a lovely child-friendly cafe in Flinders?

If it is your first time to Flinders, you may miss this fantastic bakery cafe on the way in!

It is located a little separated from the main shops, so make sure you look for it when you are driving into Flinders (if you are coming from the Cape Schanck Lighthouse or Mornington direction, the cafe is on the left-hand side of the road).

The cafe is a wonderful location – easy to find a carpark (as it separated from the main shopping area), AND right across the road from an awesome playground. These are some of the most important points for parents when you are tired from driving and your kids are hungry! haha

We went there this week which is August (winter in Australia), and they had a beautiful open fireplace which was lovely and warm. If you have a toddler, make sure you find a seat away from the fire to avoid any injuries though! If you are worried about the fire, you can sit at the front of the cafe, or at the back right-hand side of the cafe which has children’s books and games to play.

If you visit in summer, there is an outside terrace which is perfect for enjoying your lunch outside. You can also get takeaway and sit at the playground across the road like a picnic! (I actually saw a family do this in winter, and they were having a wonderful time).



  • I highly recommend to have lunch and then go across the road to enjoy playing in the playground!
  • I couldn’t find a diaper change table in the toilet, so you may need to change diapers in your car or stroller!
  • The children’s books are for sale, so I didn’t let my kids touch those! Haha. But there is a big basket of kids games and toys at the back which your kids can play with.
  • The sausage rolls are HUGE! One sausage roll was probably enough for my two children, so if you have small children I recommend getting one to share. If you have a baby/toddler, you could get the full breakfast (includes avocado, egg, tomato, etc.) and you could share with your toddler. The bread was very fresh and delicious, so you could share mouthfuls with your baby and enjoy together!


  • Name: Flinders Bakehouse Cafe
  • Address: 60 Cook St, Flinders VIC 3929
  • Diaper changing table: No (I recommend to change diapers in your car or stroller outside)
  • Google map link
Child-friendly Flinders Bakehouse cafe outside

Child-friendly Flinders Bakehouse cafe outside

Child-friendly Flinders Bakehouse cafe entrance

Child-friendly Flinders Bakehouse cafe entrance


Child-friendly Flinders Bakehouse cafe outside terrace

Outside terrace perfect for summer!


Inside the cafe – beautiful windows! Lovely and bright for the kids


Child-friendly Flinders Bakehouse cafe burger and chips

Delicious burger and chips! This was probably one of the most delicious burgers I had ever tasted!

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