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Child-friendly “Baked in Sorrento” cafe with amazing chai latte and croissants

Baked in Sorrento cafe Mornington Peninsula

Have you been to “Baked in Sorrento” cafe?

My sister first took my kids here while I was horse riding at Gunamatta, so I decided to go there too! 

This cafe has the cutest interior, has very groovy music, and also serves AMAZING coffee, chai latte, and pastries!

I love chai latte so I had one (which was one of the most delicious chai lattes I have ever had), and I also had a croissant with ham and cheese which was absolutely scrumptious! I got babycinos and the cute biscuits for my kids, which were served on pretty blue plates which reminded us of Japan. So beautiful!

The cafe doesn’t have toilets, so you need to go to the toilet across the road. I was worried at first, but it was actually quite funny! The toilet talks and plays music, and it was extremely clean and well maintained. It also has a diaper change table, so it is very convenient if you need to change your baby’s nappy. 

Watch the video below!

  • Name: Baked in Sorrento
  • Address: 53 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento
  • Baby high chairs: Yes
  • Baby diaper change table: No (but there is diaper change table available in the public toilets across the road. See the video above for instructions)
  • Google map link


Baby high chairs at Baked in Sorrento cafe, Mornington Peninsula

Baby high chairs are available!


Baked in Sorrento cafe biscuits, Mornington Peninsula

Really delicious pastries, muffins and biscuits. Honestly they were all some of the best that I have ever tasted!


Baked in Sorrento cafe cute kids biscuits, Mornington Peninsula

Closeup shot of these yummy biscuits for the kids!


Baked in Sorrento cafe with kids, Mornington Peninsula

This little girl joined us for tea. She was so cute!


Chai latte at Baked in Sorrento cafe, Mornington Peninsula

This chai latte was so awesome! If you love chai lattes, make sure you get one here:)


My chai latte at Baked in Sorrento cafe, Mornington Peninsula

Enjoying my chai latte before we head to the playground:)


Sorrento public toilet with baby nappy change table, Mornington Peninsula

This is a photo of the public toilet across the road from the cafe. It was hilarious! It had music and talking instructions on the speaker, and was very clean and had a baby diaper change table which was very convenient.


Baked in Sorrento map

Baked in Sorrento map


Baked in Sorrento map to toilets

Map showing the toilet located across the road from the cafe. It is behind the tourist information office.

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