Don’t miss this awesome kids playground in Sorrento Park

Sorrento Park kids playground on the hill

This playground was AMAZING!

It was possibly one of the best playground I have ever been to.

Key points:

  • It has a view of the ocean
  • BBQs are free to use in the park, so you can have a BBQ picnic right next to the playground
  • The playground is huge and suitable for all ages, including swings, slippery slides, monkey bars, musical instruments, sandpit, and much more! I think the best thing is that it is all made of wood, and it has alot of secret doors and bridges, so your kids will enjoy exploring all around while the parents stand down on the ground level and watch them play!

Watch the video below!


  • Name: Sorrento Park Playground
  • Address: 3423 Point Nepean Rd, Sorrento 3943
  • Google map link

I highly recommend visit this playground if you are in Sorrento with kids. You could go to the playground before or after the cafe!

Make sure you check the map for how to get there! If it is your first time to Sorrento, you may get a bit lost (like I did! haha). You need to drive up to Sorrento Park, and there is a carpark right at the top (next to the playground). So make sure you drive up the top and find the playground first, and then you will see the carpark more easily.

Have fun!

Sorrento Park playground map

Map showing the location of Sorrento Park


Sorrento Park playground map

Map showing the exact location of the playground in the Sorrento Park. There is a carpark at the top, so you can park your car in front of the playground!


Sorrento park rotunda

This beautiful rotunda is right next to the playground. It is perfect for a picnic! You can watch the Queenscliff ferry pass in the ocean in front. So beautiful

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