Sorrento Kids Skate Park, Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula Sorrento kids skate park

Do your kids love to skateboard/scooter?

This is a great skate park just behind the main shopping street!

My kids had borrowed some scooters from our friends, so they had a wonderful time practicing their moves on the skatepark in between sightseeing.

Highly recommend to visit here.

We had actually come across this skatepark by chance, as we were initially looking for the playground and I thought it was in this area behind the main shopping street. But we found the skatepark instead! Luckily there were some local mums there with their kids, so I asked them where is the playground and they kindly pointed it out to me! 

See the video below!

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Sorrento kids skate park, Mornington Peninsula

Sorrento kids skate park, Mornington Peninsula


Sorrento kids skate park fun

Having fun in between sightseeing! After this we went to the Sorrento Playground and then lunch at Chopstix, followed by bushwalking at Sorrento Back Beach. The kids had so much fun!


Sorrento kids skateboard park

Beautiful location


Sorrento kids skate park next to community centre

The skate park is located directly next to the Sorrento Community Centre. There are toilets and facilities in here if you need.


Sorrento kids skate park map, Mornington Peninsula

Location of the skate park, just behind the main street in Sorrento

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