Day at the Beach in November

Mornington Peninsula Beach

We had a sudden trip back to Melbourne to visit my family.

Everything was okay thankfully, so we went down to Mornington and luckily could spend a day at the beach while we were there.

It is autumn in Tokyo, so it was nice to enjoy the warm spring weather in Mornington Peninsula!

My kids had a ball playing sand castles, and I also enjoyed the time to relax. I was thinking that finally I felt like I could relax for a good 10 minutes while my kids played. They must be getting old enough now where they can play in the one spot and not try to go in the water! (this was impossible when they were toddlers!)

If you are in Melbourne even for a few days, make sure you include a day trip to Mornington Peninsula. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards!

Mornington Peninsula bay beach hut

Enjoying the beach

Mornington Peninsula Beach

relaxing by the bay

Beach house view, Mornington Peninsula


Beach shed, Mornington Peninsula

Wish I had one of these!

Beach kids, Mornington Peninsula

Playing in the sand

Beach house with kids, Mornington Peninsula

Enjoying the warm weather after the cold autumn in Tokyo

Beach house kids, Mornington Peninsula

Love these two

Beach house kids playing, Mornington Peninsula

Playing games

Beach house jumping onto sand, Mornington Peninsula

Practicing her jumping

Beach house fun, Mornington Peninsula

Having fun

Building sand castles

Mornington Peninsula bay beach turquoise water

Mornington Peninsula bay turquoise water

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