Red Hill Lavender farm

Kate walking through the Lavender Fields

Did you know there is a lavender farm in Mornington Peninsula?

There is! It is called Red Hill Lavender Farm and Distillery.

Make sure you visit next summer!

It is located in Main Ridge near Arthurs Seat. Behind the Johnny Ripe cafe.

It is absolutely beautiful.

I have visited here with my kids the past 2 summers just after Christmas. Every time we visit I feel like we are in a picture postcard with rows and rows of purple lavender and the hills in the background.

Each time we have been to the farm, there hasn’t been anyone else visiting so we could really enjoy the peace and quiet. Simply enjoying looking at the lavender, the bees, and the little lizards darting around the roots.

The lizards are so fast I could never get a photo of them, but we could hear them rustling around and if we were lucky we could catch a glimpse of them bathing in the sun. Great entertainment for the kids!


  • If you are in Red Hill area and you’d like to see the lavender farm, make sure you check the Red Hill Lavender Farm instagram as they often have updates about when they are open. It depends on when the lavender is in full bloom, which is usually after Christmas and towards the first weeks of January.
  • Make sure you combine your visit at the Lavender Farm with a coffee or lunch at the Johnny Ripe cafe! The lavender farm is located behind the Johnny Ripe cafe, so it’s perfect to have a stroll through the lavender and then afterwards have a delicious brunch or lunch at the cafe.
  • Regarding parking, I recommend to park your car in the Johnny Ripe carpark and walk down the driveway to the lavender farm.


  • Name: Red Hill Lavender Farm and Distillery
  • Address: 284 Main Creek Rd, Main Ridge, Victoria
  • Shop Open: You can buy lavender products at their Farm gate on Saturday & Sunday 9am-3pm
  • Farm Open: The lavender is in bloom around after Christmas to New Year. I recommend to check their instagram account for updates and when to visit at the end of December.
  • Instagram account
  • Website link

Red Hill Lavender Farm view
Beautiful view of the Lavender Fields at the Red Hill Lavender Farm
Fun with my kids in the lavender fields
My kids LOVE the lavender fields because there are so many little lizards crawling around!
Enjoying the lavender fields in Red Hill Mornington Peninsula
Red Hill Lavender Farm is one of my favourite places to visit in summer in Mornington Peninsula!

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