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2 cafes closed in mornington after covid-19

Soulful Vegan cafe closed in Mornington

It has been such a difficult time these past 4 months with the coronavirus pandemic.

During April and May, the restaurants and cafes and many of the shops had to close in Mornington as with the rest of Australia. The only shops that were open in Mornington were the supermarkets, Target, Bunnings, petrol stations, and toy shops. There were also some cafes and restaurants that kept their doors open for takeaway only.

So when the restrictions were lifted in June, we started to see which shops were able to reopen, and which shops unfortunately had to close permanently which I can only imagine was due to financial reasons.

Before I start sharing some of the cafes that have reopened, I would like to share 2 cafes that have closed. I would like to remember these places as a tribute to the amazing owners and their wonderful products and amazing service that they provided.

Soulful Vegan Food

This cafe “Soulful Vegan Food” had a lovely vibe and it is such a shame it has closed.

However I checked their instagram and the owner has announced that she still plans to sell wholesale to other cafes and she plans to join farmers markets etc. when they start up again which is wonderful news!

Soulful Vegan cafe closed in Mornington
Soulful Vegan cafe sadly closed in Mornington after coronavirus pandemic
Soulful Vegan Mornington owner instagram message
Soulful Vegan Mornington owner posted on Instagram that she plans to keep selling wholesale and at markets which is wonderful news

About Thyme cafe

My mother always raved about this cafe. She was heartbroken when she saw they had closed!

I can’t seem to open this cafe’s website and their instagram account hasn’t been updated since February 2020. I hope the owners are okay. Sending you my best wishes.

Thyme cafe closed on Mornington
About Thyme cafe closed on Mornington after the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused hardships for so many people.

I hope the owners of these cafes and shops are okay and safe and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Stay safe everyone. xx

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