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Wildgrain Cafe, Mornington

Wildgrain cafe Mornington outside panorama

Melbourne Metropolitan area was placed in 2nd lockdown two days ago, and this unfortunately included Mornington Peninsula (even though there are no active coronavirus cases here the moment).

So unfortunately this has resulted in all the cafes and restaurants having to go back to takeaway and delivery only.

To support the local businesses, I’ve been going out each day for a walk for exercise, and buying a chai latte on my way at the local cafes.

This morning we got takeaway coffees at Wildgrain cafe, which is actually quite hidden in a backstreet next to the green antique shop. One of the locals mentioned to me, and he said “it’s next to the green building”, so we walked around the corner and found it!

Wildgrain is so beautiful!

The staff are really lovely and super friendly, and the coffees and cakes are delicious.

Make sure you visit if you are in Mornington for a walk!

Wilgrain Cafe

Wildgrain cafe Mornington corner
Wildgrain cafe is located in a backstreet in Mornington, behind the green antique shop
Wildgrain cafe Mornington front counter
The staff are so lovely and friendly!
Wildgrain cafe Mornington sweet display
Delicious cakes and brownies on display which you can get with your takeaway coffee:)
Wildgrain cafe Mornington outside wall
Love this outside wall!

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