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Interview with Emma, owner of Soulful Vegan Food Cafe

Emma Soulful Vegan Food Mornington

Everyone in Mornington knows the beautiful cafe called “Soulful Vegan Food” in the Main Street in Mornington, and the gorgeous cafe owner Emma.

Emma started the cafe when she was just 19 years old, with the goal to share her passion for delicious vegan cuisine with everyone. Her dishes were an immediate success and her cafe was always overflowing with customers.

So when Emma had to close her cafe during the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone was so sad and so worried about her and her family.

Several locals said to me how worried they were about Emma and wondering how she is. So when I met Emma on instagram, I asked her if she would like to share her story. Many businesses are really struggling right now with the lockdown, so sharing her experience and advice might help others in a similar situation.

Interview with Emma, Owner of Soulful Vegan Cafe

Can you please tell me about you and your cafe?

Soulful vegan food was a quaint cafe located in main street that opened from 12/05/18 -12/05/20 and closed amid the first lockdown of corona virus and chose to keep the doors shut. My cafe was based on making food from scratch, full of colour and flavour. I created the business at 19 after qualifying as a chef and jumped into the local markets. I wanted to help spread veganism in the most tasty way. The pressures of being the boss and head chef at the age of 20 took its toll and I decided to do what was best for my mental health and quality of life. I knew that the industry was changing and I didn’t have the funds or stamina to grow with the industry (as a cafe owner). So now I’ve changed to wholesale and private orders from my home kitchen.

How have the past 4 months been for you?

They have been a huge learning experience. I have had the most challenging 4 months to date. Each day was uncertain- trying to decide if shutting was going to be the right option for me was a huge decision! I loved my cafe and what I created. The community support is unreal and makes you feel quite special to be apart of.

Do you have advice or tips for other business owners in a similar situation to you?

If you are running a small business- best to keep up with the times in regards to online ordering and takeaway. Keep motivated as best as possible and always make time for self care and rest.

Thank you so much Emma for sharing your story and experience! I am so sorry to hear what you have been through. I hope you have been able to recover from the past few months and I really look forward to seeing your wholesale business grow and hopefully we will see you at the markets again soon!

Everyone, make sure you buy Emma’s delicious vegan dishes at wholesale! See the Soulful Vegan Food instagram for more info!


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