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Interview with Holly and Marie from “Facing Motherhood”

Holly and Marie, founders of Facing Motherhood

I’m delighted to introduce “Facing Motherhood”!

I was talking with Marie Cunico at the beach the other day, as we discovered our children go to the same school, and she mentioned that she has a business with her business partner Holly.

I was immediately intrigued!

I’ve been eager to interview business owners about their experience particularly during this difficult coronavirus pandemic, as I believe the more we share the more we can all survive through this together.

So when I asked Marie if I could interview her about her business, I was delighted to learn that she is a beauty consultant and they have a skin care range! I’ve been struggling to find a new face moisturizer since I came back from Japan, so I immediately ordered the “Wake Me Up collection” and it’s wonderful!

Here is the interview with Marie’s business partner Holly, who is the marketing guru behind Facing Motherhood!

Interview with Facing Motherhood

1. Please tell me about your business and how you started?

“You look tired” is a common phrase Mums hear. Sleep deprivation, crazy hormones and motherhood go hand in hand. And as a result, dull skin and eye bags bigger than the Louis Vuitton travel collection, become part of their everyday look. Whilst it might be convenient to buy whatever skincare is on special at the supermarket, that’s just not going to cut it. Mums need [& deserve] quality ingredients that pack-a-punch in real Mum time. That’s why at facing motherhood, we create natural skincare for tired & busy Mums.
How’d it all start? Glad you asked. Y’see a couple of years ago, we [Holly & Marie] met on Instagram #truestory. We went next-level friendship and met up IRL for weekly Zoo dates. The pre-schoolers played, the babies cried & we sipped our Mochas while swapping war stories [e.g. “I had 59 mins of sleep last night.”].

One day Hols DM’d Marie with a ^crazy^ idea about skincare specifically for tired Mums. Marie didn’t think it was cray-cray at all. Afterall she’s a skincare formulator [this is her jam!]. We knew that together we could help Mums face motherhood.

2. How has been your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic? What kinds of struggles/unexpected outcomes have you had for your business?

We both have two kiddies each and our big ones just started school this year. As you can imagine, we had hopeful dreams that 2020 was our year! With a little more time up our sleeve [& one less kid demanding snacks], we’d be able to execute our plan for world domination [or just Australia at least]. But remote learning & extended periods of time cooped up inside with our kids, put a grinding halt to some of our plans. Timelines & expectations needed to be adjusted.

Also, small businesses [like ours] have been hit this year as the economy crumbles. Most people are busy bulk buying toilet paper & hand sanitiser, not cleansers & eye creams. Helping Mums see that they deserve quality skincare is already challenging. Y’know, b’coz Mums will spend oodles on their kids to have the latest this & that, but they’ll wear the same holey undies until the last thread gives up. So, during an economic crisis, it’s even harder for Mums to spend and invest in their own care. We try to help by giving lots of skincare tips [regardless of whether they’re a customer or not] & having a few sales to help skincare dreams come true.

3. What advice would you have for other business owners in a similar business or interested in starting their own business?

Business is like motherhood – it’s not easy, it ain’t pretty and there’s rarely any breaks [just sayin’]. But just like motherhood, every day you grow wiser and more confident.

Everyone thinks success happens overnight but you wouldn’t start a Uni degree and expect to know 4 years worth of stuff the next day, would you?! Biz is the same. It takes time.

Lastly, there’s no such thing as work/life/balance. We prefer the term blending [although they can also blur into one another too]. Sometimes #mumlife pulls us in one direction [& that’s okay] & other times the biz requires more TLC. If you fight it because you’re chasing the mythical “balance” everyone bangs on about, you’ll be disappointed. One of the beauties of being your own boss, is that you call the shots!

Thank you Holly and Marie! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and advice.

I can really relate to your hopes for 2020 to be a big year. I had also just launched my new Tokyo Guide on my website Tokyo Urban Baby in Japan and had big hopes for 2020 because it was going to be the Tokyo Olympics. But everything was cancelled and my sales have reduced to zero. Nobody is traveling anymore! I hope 2021 and onwards will be better and I certainly look forward to your future success. Your products are amazing! xoxo

Here are the contact details for Facing Motherhood and a special discount code! Make sure you try their wonderful skincare products especially designed for tired mamas!

Facing Motherhood details:

Facing Motherhood Discount:

Facing Motherhood
Holly and Marie from Facing Motherhood with their adorable children
Skincare range at Facing Motherhood
The wonderful skincare range from Facing Motherhood, including eye cream, exfoliant, and postpartum soaks
Eye cream from Facing Motherhood
I got this eye cream. It’s wonderful! I love that it’s all natural ingredients. Smells divine!
Holly and Marie from Facing Motherhood
Holly and Marie from Facing Motherhood

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