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Interview with Abigail from Abi’s Journal

Interview with Abigail from Abis Journal

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Abigail from Abi’s Journal.

Abi and I first met nearly 10 years ago in Tokyo when my first baby was born. Abigail constantly goes from strength to strength and she is forever an inspiration for me. Not only is she gorgeous and has the warmest heart, she is also a savvy entrepreneur. She’s been my best friend, supporting me through divorce and life’s challenges, as well as always being there to throw ideas back and forth about new business ideas.

Now Abigail is based in Paris with a global influence with her website “Abi’s Journal” and her courses as a Yin Yoga instructor. Make sure you see the interview below to read about Abigail’s experience, struggles during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as advice and yoga tips.

Here is the interview with Abigail. Thank you Abi!

Interview with Abigail from Abi's Journal
Interview with Abigail from Abi’s Journal

1.Please tell me about your business and how you started?

I have started a few businesses in my past which were really part of my journey of adulthood starting with motherhood.

As one says, it’s the journey not the destination.

My past work in the kids field, fashion, lifestyle led me to observe motherhood and how depleting this ‘job’ can be to so many of us. This brought me to host wellbeing workshops and led me to become a holistic wellness coach myself.

We share what we need and I certainly needed time for care, self-care, space to press pause to relax, release and regenerate. My classes are online and in person in Paris (or where ever I travel to in usual circumstances) and sometimes packaged in courses and wellbeing kits. So in short, life brought me here.

2.How has been your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We were stuck in our Paris apartment with strict restrictions to pop out for one hour a day max. It was psychologically challenging to get the head around this new rule dropped onto us all.

What made it easier is that we all were in it together. This global collectiveness hasn’t been felt in as long as I can remember. Even environmental disasters didn’t bring us together as Covid did. We were fortunate that none of our relatives and friends suffered loss.

For my kids who are 18 and 15 it was hard. It was hard to be stuck. It felt unhealthy not to be able to go out to the park and play, especially for my son who is a natural sportive human being.

We are fortunate to have a specious home though with a balcony where we could plant seeds, tend to the sprouts and harvest the crop. Gardening is incredibly grounding, healing and a natural anti depressant. Selfishly I also got to spend time with my kids who in their stage in life are more interested in time with friends. It built a gentle bridge between motherhood and seeing their wings spread before they fly away.

3.What kinds of struggles/unexpected outcomes have you experienced?

Since I started teach Yin yoga and breath-work I managed to continue caring for my clients via zoom and reach out to more people who could benefit of these rituals via instagram.

I’m lucky I don’t have expenses of an office rent and can teach where ever as long as there is space to lay down a mat or a blanket.

4.What advice would you have for other business owners in a similar business or interested in starting their own business?

My advice is to follow your heart and go with the flow. There might be one thing you really want to do or many. Start where you are , with your passion driving you, and think small.

I recently read that thinking big makes many of us freeze and I couldn’t agree more. Having vision is great but being present in the moment of NOW and making each step count is more important , especially at kick off.

5.Can you explain the yoga position you are in below? It looks amazing!

Shoe Lace with Nadi Shodana breathing.

Cross the legs so that the knees are on top of eachother, keeping the sitbones equally anchored on the mat.

If this feels tight, loosen the pose by crossing the legs lightly in front of you, until sitting straight, maybe on a cushion or a folded mat to tilt the pelvis slightly forward feels easy. With a straight spine, open the arms to the side to rest on the mat or the legs.

The shoe lace asana is great to reinforce the overall energy flow in the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it focuses on the meridianes linked to various organs like the liver, gall bladder, spleen and more. One of the common traits is that they support to process waste, toxins from our body.

The breathing practice called Nadi Shodana supports concentration as well as Lowers heart rate and reduces stress and anxiety and is said to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain.

In Yin we hold the poses for a number of minutes unlikes in Vinyasa where its a constant flow.

This stillness allows us to relax physically and mentally and process stuff by letting go of particular thoughts, practicing mindfulness and TLC.

Yin Yoga with Abigail from Abis Journal
Yin Yoga with Abigail from Abis Journal

Thank you so much Abigail for sharing your experience! You are truly an inspiration and I love seeing your new business grow and all the wonderful work you are doing both in Paris and around the world. I miss you terribly! I miss our catch ups in Tokyo and I hope I can see you in person again very soon.

Everyone please check Abigail’s website and social media links below!

Abi’s Journal

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